neděle 7. srpna 2011

Potato cakes - Czech specials

What’s the most important thing to know when making potato cakes? Serve them straight out of the frying pan! The perfect crispy potato cake is at its best when still hot, and the longer you leave them, the softer they become and the more they lose their best feature (crispiness).

0.5 kg potatoes
0.5 dcl milk
100 g fine flour
1 egg
2 cloves garlic
pinch salt
2 dcl oil or 200 g fat for frying

Finely grate the peeled and washed raw potatoes, then leave to stand for a while. Pour off any liquid that may gather at the bottom of the bowl. Add the milk, flour, eggs, grated garlic, salt, marjoram (which you should rub between your fingers) and pepper. Mix well. Pour some oil into the frying pan (you could use lard as an alternative) and put on the heat. Fry the potato cakes on both sides until golden brown. Remove excess oil by leaving them on a napkin, then serve.

10 komentářů:

  1. Thanks for this recipe potato cake ...
    seems to be delicious.


  2. Makes my mouth water since potato cakes were served often when I was growing up. I still make theme once in a while. The recipe is the same except for the garlic and majoram since it was never available on the farm.

  3. I often cook some potato foods ...but this looks so delicious for its crispy texture,,I bet this goes well to any drinks ;))
    Thank you, dear Gabriela :))

  4. like in Germany (or Germany like in Cz ?) :-)

  5. sounds great ,I Lovepotatoestoo,thanks for share,I love totry thisxxxxx

  6. You're welcome, my dear Ladies :)

  7. Ez finom lehet! Nálunk van főtt burgonyás változat is, de én ezt ki fogom próbálni!
    Köszönöm a receptet kedves Gabi. Puszi: Évi

  8. Absolutely love the potato pancakes.


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