úterý 9. srpna 2011

Highland filled steaks - Czech specials

This pork roll is filled, somewhat surprisingly, with pork mince. But don't worry, the taste is far from boring. The cream and spices in the filling guarantee a superb gastronomic experience!

600g pork rump
200g pork shoulder
100 ml cream
caraway seeds
60 g pork fat
200 ml stock

Clean the steak with a damp cloth and cut into 4 thin slices, going with the grain of the meat all the time. Soften with a mallet and salt. Take the shoulder and pass through a mincer along with the caraway seeds. Then add salt, paprika and cream, and mix well. Divide the filling into eight parts, putting two on the two edges of each piece of steak so that you can roll up each one into the middle. Put the rolls into a greased baking tin as close together as possible so that they keep their shape during roasting. Roast for about 5 minutes at 250 °C, then turn the heat own to 180 °C. Spoon a bit of the stock over the meat and roast until golden brown. Turn the meat several times, and spoon over the meat juices and stock when needed.

Side dish:
boiled potatoes, potato cakes, potato dumplings, fresh salad, pickles vegetables

9 komentářů:

  1. Nagyon finom lehet.
    Köszönöm Gabika..

  2. Hello! My dearest Gabriela! This cooking is similar to humburg but the point of rolling up the meat is different from it. Also I guess flavour is diffrent . I wonder it looks like something white rolls up the meat?( meat surronds by something?) Looks very delicious and I found even making process is similar but the cooked foods appear so different..cooking is so interesting and deep !!

    Thank you for posting !

  3. have no time to comment, i am just enjoying the meal ! .... Thank you so much... a delicacy certainly Gabriela !

  4. Thank you, dear Dora and Keiko
    ... I am a big gourmet ;))

  5. ok we can sit together at the best restaurant or in front of our best cuisine ! .... french and czech ! .... What a fantastic combination ! .....

  6. lovely for steak,never had this way...thanks for shareIam hungrynow...lol

  7. :) you're welcome, Audrey ...hugs


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