pátek 7. září 2012

My "Notebook" theme for Xanga.com

You can see a couple of days on: http://gabreilal.xanga.com/

11 komentářů:

  1. i always liked this one :)
    Happy Weekend !! xoxo

  2. Hello Gabriela - I don't understand. Are you saying if we set up a site at Xanga we can customize it with one of of your themes?

  3. Dear Wanita, for future I'll create themes on Xanga.com and My.Opera.com
    My site on Xanga is: http://gabreilal.xanga.com/
    and my test site on Xanga is: http://alanela.xanga.com/ and

    My site on My.Opera.com is : http://my.opera.com/Gabrielal/about/

    I have also active site on Blogger: http://1vaspes.blogspot.cz/


  4. Yes, but not with Multiply themes, but with original themes for that sites. Every sites has other codes ... this is the reason.

  5. Love your Notebook Design
    You have such quality in your theme
    Thank you for sharing yor skill

  6. Thank you for all the information, Gabriela. I have some friends at Xanga and would like to check it our when I have time. It's good to know there are more customization choices there than on Blogster.


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